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Here is a collection of some great books to suit most tastes, from a book for children, to adult comics, novels, autobiographies and a fantastic teacher's guide to dealing with bullying. All written for you , by members of


Nineteen-year-old porn star Remy Dawes loves his job at Matchmakers, a gay nightclub, but the fantasy he portrays every night doesn't leave room for what he really wants: companionship, love, someone to come home to, someone just for him. Who would ever take seriously a kid who practically sells his body for others' pleasure?

Thirty-five-year-old Chance Whitaker has sworn off dating younger men after having been cheated on one too many times, until the owner of Matchmakers convinces him to take a chance on Remy Dawes, a gorgeous kid who surprises Chance at every turn.

As things fall apart through meddling, death, and betrayal, will there be a second chance for two people to find love?

G.R. Lyons:
David, My David, by Eduard Qualls is the extensive saga of the life, the victory over terror, of Eduard Gottfried Meyer.

A German keyboard prodigy born in 1921, Herr Meyer tells of a life extending from those early, halcyon-years through the inter-war period, the ravages of the Hitler Time and World War II and beyond, into post-war, neglectful Europe, and an increasingly bipolar America, ultimately to reach the final year of this journey, in 1995. Guided by the early-found desire to be one of his family’s so-many “good men,” on an odyssey marked by joy and sadness, terror and redemption, he survives using the personal strength he learns from family, from their faith in and dedication to others.

  Herr Meyer’s path will lead you from his birth-village of Singhofen throughout Germany, and into German Texas as he details a life surmounting the infamous machines of enmity, in his innate quest for an ultimate, personal goodness.

   David, My David is available online:


The paperback version is also available from your local bookseller, including Barnes & Noble.

Raising Ryland: Our Story of Parenting a Transgender Child with No Strings Attached

This powerful, moving story—which has already touched more than seven million through a viral video created by the Whittington family—is a mother’s first-hand account of her emotional choice to embrace her transgender child.

When Hillary and Jeff Whittington posted a YouTube video chronicling their five-year-old son Ryland’s transition from girl to boy, they didn’t expect it to be greeted with such fervor. Beautiful and moving, the video documenting Hillary’s and Jeff’s love for their child instantly went viral and has been seen by more than seven million viewers since its posting in May 2014.

Jesus Has Two Daddies, by Thomas McMillen-Oakly.

As teachers, when Tom Oakley and Tod McMillen first begin to talk about starting a family, they each tried to find as much information as possible, as they wanted to learn about the best way to go about this life changing decision. There was very little information geared towards gay men, so after a few months of searching, a little reading, and legally changing their names to McMillen-Oakley, they felt comfortable diving into the adoption process head first. They thought they knew everything. They were wrong. It is said that love makes a family. But in this case it was a teenage girl with two moms, a couple of lawyers, and just three weeks to get ready that made this particular family. This is the story of how their family was born, first through the private adoption of their daughter, and then expanding it with the adoption of their son from foster care three years later. Their adoption experience challenges the notion of what makes a family and sheds new light on the world of open adoption and LGBT parenting. While Tom and Tod thought they were just adopting a baby girl, they got much more. And the kids? They got two daddies.

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Chimneys - A Ghost Story, by Christian Mollitor.

Jonah Fairchild is a 17-year-old high school senior who feels all alone in the world. His parents died when he was seven, his sister lives in New Orleans and his brother has been missing since he ran away from juvenile detention. He's also afraid to get close to any of the guys he meets?and as for love, that's totally out of the question. When his grandmother dies, he inherits Chimneys?a long abandoned mansion on the Gold Coast of Long Island. Besides being haunted by ghosts and other denizens, the mansion is in danger of foreclosure due to substantial unpaid taxes. Who are the ghosts that inhabit Chimneys and what do they want? Can he come up with the money to save the mansion before an unscrupulous real estate developer takes the estate away from him? Will he reconnect with his siblings or ever overcome his aversion to finding true love? Answers to these questions and other mysterious riddles lie on the pages within.

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Lizzy The Lezzy Gets Laid , By Ruth Selwyn.

?Lizzy the Lezzy Gets Laid? is the story of a young lesbian?s search for romance, love, relationships and muff munches. It?s written in Lizzy rhyme with full color pictures of Lizzy on her exciting lesbian adventures. You will also meet Lizzy?s friends ? Gary the Gay, Kate the Straight and Nic the Bi-Chick. The book is very ?Lizzy?, so if you already know and love Lizzy you will love this book. The book makes for a perfect coffee table book or will amuse and entertain your friends when they go to the toilet (after you?ve read it, of course), or get it for your cranky lesbian aunt to cheer her up. Lizzy?s book also makes a great birthday gift for your best friend or girlfriend.  Own a piece of lesbian history, and get your signed copy of Lizzy?s dirty little lesbian book today!

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A Rehoboth ABC, by Nancy Sakaduski.

From swooping seagulls to frolicking dolphins, the familiar sights and sounds of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware are captured in this charming book, which children will beg to read again and again. The delightful rhyming text is complemented by amusing illustrations of children on the kiddie rides, sipping snow cones, examining jellyfish, and even reluctantly taking a nap. The book opens with ?A is for arcade,? which depicts a little boy gleefully whacking moles as tickets spew from the machine. Each page features a different letter of the alphabet and highlights a favorite feature of summer in Rehoboth. Children will identify with such familiar scenes as choosing taffy in a candy store, packing for a day at the beach, building a sandcastle, and watching the family umbrella spin down the beach, chased by a frantic dad. The brightly colored drawings are intentionally inclusive, so African-American, Asian, and disabled children, as well as children of same-sex parents, will all see themselves taking part in the fun. A Rehoboth ABC is geared for children ages 2-8, but could easily be enjoyed by both younger and older children, as well as their parents and grandparents. Residents and vacationers alike will want to make this part of their home library, to enjoy any time a burst of summer happiness is desired.

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Crush, a novel, by Laura Susan Johnson.

Raw, graphic, candid portrait of two young gay men whose love affair is deeply affected by the scars they sustained from childhood sexual abuse. Tammy and Jamie are soul mates, but their love is thwarted for years by bad timing, fear of ridicule, and the damage that lingers long after childhood.

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I Will Survive, personal LGBT stories from Singapore, edited by Leow Yangfa.

?I Will Survive: Personal gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender stories in Singapore? brings together real-life experiences of love, grace, faith, dignity and courage from 21 ordinary people who have survived extraordinary circumstances. Prefacing these stories are contributions from 5 local commentators who share their personal reflections on the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities in Singapore. They are: Mrs Juliana Toh, Executive Director of Counseling and Care Centre; Reverend Yap Kim Hao, former Methodist Bishop of Singapore; transgender activist Ms Leona Lo; and former Nominated Members of Parliament Ms Braema Mathi and Mr Siew Kum Hong. The book also contains a glossary of the common terms used to describe the diversity within the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities, and a listing of relevant community and professional resources in Singapore. The editor?s proceeds from sales of the ebook will be donated to Oogachaga, a counseling and support service.

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Kim, by Ronald Fife.

By 2112, most of humanity lives in a world of shared abundance. But a once great nation, America, has fallen into isolation and oppression. Will these freedom seeking gay explorers help America move beyond the dominant fundamentalism that upholds the belief in inequality and scarcity? Will America accept the new paradigm offered by The World Federation, or will there be war?

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Almost Perfect, by Brian Katcher.

Logan Witherspoon recently discovered that his girlfriend of three years cheated on him. But things start to look up when a new student breezes through the halls of his small-town high school. Sage Hendricks befriends Logan at a time when he no longer trusts or believes in people. Sage has been home schooled for a number of years and her parents have forbidden her to date anyone, but she won?t tell Logan why. One day, Logan acts on his growing feelings for Sage. Moments later, he wishes he never had. Sage finally discloses her big secret: she?s actually a boy. Enraged, frightened, and feeling betrayed, Logan lashes out at Sage and disowns her. But once Logan comes to terms with what happened, he reaches out to Sage in an attempt to understand her situation. But Logan has no idea how rocky the road back to friendship will be.

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Out is In, by Emery C. Walters.

Growing up is hard at best, but if you're also gay, even if you know that one in ten people are, it can still seem like you're the only one. And yet, it does get better. First, however, you have to survive. It takes courage to open the closet door, and you have to consider your safety when you do. Once you're out, however, you'll find that you are definitely not alone. Out is In contains pain, confusion, despair, and longing in an anthology of short stories. If that were all, it might be a hard read, but each story also includes love, hope, growth, and large doses of the author's irrepressible humor. Life is not only just better out than in, it's fun, too.

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Autumn Leaves, by  Barbara Winkes.

With one revelation, her world will shift forever. Rebecca has everything she ever dreamed of in life: a family, a beautiful home and good friends. When Callie moves into the house across the street, Rebecca is quick to welcome the young writer into the tightly-knit community of Autumn Leaves. She has no idea that Callie will confront her with a truth about herself she might not be ready to face. All Callie wanted was to flee the big city and finish her latest book in peace, but life in the small town comes with unexpected temptation and danger.

Barbara Winkes, a psychologist/trauma counselor, left her native Germany to live with her wife in Quebec City. Her debut novel "Autumn Leaves" and the follow-up, "Winter Storm", published by Eternal Press, tell the love story between two women in a small town, where neighbors take an interest in the life of others.

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Parker, by Stephanie Macneil.

The secret came out a few years ago: Parker Knight is gay. Now Parker is sixteen, and everyone has either embraced it, does not care, or has forgotten-everyone except for Dylan Baker. He is determined to make Parker's life miserable. Parker really thought killing himself would make everything better. If he was dead, he would not have to get kicked around by Dylan and his friends anymore. He would be free. Now, after a failed suicide attempt, Parker just wants to get through the last few months of tenth grade and stay as far away from Dylan as possible. What's worse is Parker is secretly in love with his best friend, Liam Eriksson. But luckily, Liam doesn't know this. Parker does not want to risk losing the friendship by telling him his true feelings. But as a tragedy overshadows his already complicated life, Parker soon discovers that the truth has a habit of surfacing in unexpected ways. Parker is the poignant story of one boy's struggle for acceptance as he reaches out for hope, life, forgiveness and Liam.

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The Second mango, by Shira Glassman.

Queen Shulamit never expected to inherit the throne of the tropical land of Perach so young. At twenty, grief-stricken and fatherless, she's also coping with being the only lesbian she knows after her sweetheart ran off for an unknown reason. Not to mention, she's the victim of severe digestive problems that everybody think she's faking. When she meets Rivka, an athletic and assertive warrior from the north who wears a mask and pretends to be a man, she finds the source of strength she needs so desperately.

Unfortunately for her, Rivka is straight, but that's okay -- Shulamit needs a surrogate big sister just as much as she needs a girlfriend. Especially if the warrior's willing to take her around the kingdom on the back of her dragon in search of other women who might be open to same-sex romance. The real world outside the palace is full of adventure, however, and the search for a royal girlfriend quickly turns into a rescue mission when they discover a temple full of women turned to stone by an evil sorcerer.

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Bird Of Paradise, by G.J. Paterson.

?Our lives are lived between madness and secrets.? The year is 1978. Arena rock is at its peak, and British rock band Leviathon is at the top of the charts. Carys Sterling, the daughter of Leviathon?s lead singer, Allyn Sterling, is kidnapped. LAPD Missing Persons? partners for seven years, Sergeant Paul Taglia and Lieutenant Jeff Kincaid must struggle with an unexpected change in their own relationship while searching for clues to the whereabouts of the missing girl. They soon discover Sterling and his guitarist are men with secrets. Was the girl kidnapped for the ransom she can command, or is Allyn?s past coming back to haunt him? Together in the quest for Carys Sterling, the four men must confront ten years of sex, drugs and lies in order to discover the reality of love, trust and mortality. ?Our secrets make us who we are.?

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Hadrian's Lover, by Patricia Marie Budd.

What if you lived in a world where homosexuality was the norm and all forms of heterosexual behavior were illegal? In the near future the human population has grown to such excess that the earth is no longer able to sustain humanity's astronomical numbers. Poverty, starvation, and disease are rampant. Only the country of Hadrian seems able to defend itself against the ravages of overpopulation by restricting its growth and encasing its country behind a defensive wall. Procreation does not happen by chance in Hadrian. There are no unwanted pregnancies. No accidents. All pregnancies occur through in vitro fertilization, and every citizen is responsible for rearing one of Hadrian's children. Heterosexuality is deemed the ill that has led humanity to the brink. In Hadrian, no one dares to express interest in the opposite sex; to do so would result in exile or reeducation.

Hadrian's Lover tells the story of Todd Middleton, a teenage boy struggling to keep the secret of his heterosexuality. Read on, and feel with him as he suffers the indignities of a society determined to "cure" him of his plight. 

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Strange Playgrounds, by George Daniel Lea.

A vile waking... There are places we walk; cold and dusk-lit; places where the wind whispers, carrying echoes of forgotten games. ...a storm of sadism, more loving than any embrace or caress he'd ever known... There are places where we are naked; where the grass and weeds rasp across bleeding wounds, exposed nerves, their dew glistening red. ...we are all sick; some are simply sicker than most... Places where the silence cannot be broken, its insect chatter fraying thought, fracturing sanity. ...shadows swarming around their intertwined bodies, whispering, congealing... These are the Strange Playgrounds; places where we meet our murdered or abandoned selves, and join their desperate games. Come and play awhile.

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Out & Allied Volumes 1 and 2: An Anthology of Performance Pieces by LGBTQ Youth & Allies.

Out & Allied Anthology (Volume 1) - The Out & Allied Project, focuses on youth-written and performed pieces on queer and allied issues. Add Verb Productions has published The Out & Allied Anthology which includes short plays, spoken word, and poetry that address issues of cultivating allies among queer and questioning youth. Additionally, find a youth activism handbook with production guidance and resources.

Out & Allied (volume 2) -  is an anthology featuring 46 plays, monologues, poems and songs as well as tools for social change. This collection celebrates the strength and resiliency of youth, and especially LGBTQ youth and their allies. Contributions hail from all over the US, highlighting the work being done in the field of queer and allied youth theatre. Included in volume 2: a case for faith-based community advocacy; tools for true dialogue over discussion; guidance on facilitating youth leadership. The rich cache of resources point youth, youth leaders, faith-leaders, teachers, family and activists toward LGBTQ supports: theatre companies, summer camps, conferences, faith-based organizations; toolkits and books; a glossary of LGBTQ terms, info graphics, and research reports on how bias affects youth; and, a listing of the performance pieces by theme for easy perusing.

Vol. 2 follows the award-winning Vol. 1, which received the 2012 Maine Writers & Publishers Award for Best Anthology and got notice in Teaching Tolerance Staff Picks. The performance pieces range from simple, flexible works that can adapt to meet casting and topic needs, to longer multi-character traditional plays. New to Vol. 2, thanks to re-printing permission from Pittsburgh's LGBTQ & allied youth group Dreams of Hope, sheet music and lyrics. Topics include coming out, trans* acceptance, love, family and intergenerational suppport, being a friend, faith, and much more. Add Verb is a program of the University of New England, and is based in Portland, Maine.

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